SNP, an antioxidant supplement made in the USA

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SNP is an antioxidant supplement made in the USA by Biomade USA, Inc. It is made from fruits grown in the USA and South America such as Noni, Mangosteen, Acai, and Raspberry. The oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC) for SNP is 1,059 mmoleTEA/g, about 40 times higher than that for grape seed. This makes SNP one of the best sources of antioxidants around. SNP is made from all-natural ingredients and safe for consumption, with no side effects. This is changed.

Antioxidants are agents that can interact with harmful free radicals in the body, terminating the free radicals before vital molecules are damaged. It is estimated that by the age of 40, our antioxidant level is at 50%; by the age of 60 to 70, it is down to around 5% to 10 %. As we grow older, we begin to show the side effects of our decreasing supply of antioxidants.

The diseases caused by free radicals:

Their chief danger of free radicals is cancer. Research shows that many aging and health problems may occur because of free radical oxidation.

Allergies, Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Cohn’s Disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Erectile Dysfunction, Ulcerative Colitis, Gum Disease risks may all increase from increased free radicals in the body. Free radicals come from many sources: smoking, pollution, stress, airborne emission, medications, pesticides, water with chlorine, food additives, sunlight, X-ray, etc. We are attacked by millions of free radicals every day which give you inflammations, aches, pains, lost energy, arthritis, strokes, hardening of the arteries and many other diseases and afflictions. Much of this is not directly caused by getting older, but may be because of the free radicals.

SNP contains nearly a hundred antioxidants and phytonutrients that provide many health benefits by synergistic effects of interacting together. Many of the powerful antioxidants found in SNP have polyphenols and flavonoids, which include: resveratol, piceatannol, ellagic acid, quercetin, catechin, epicatechin, pterostilbene, myricetin, gallic acid, kaempferol, anthocyanidins, cholorogenic acid, OPC, and ferulic acid. These polyphenols and flavenoids function in:

  • Scavenging and detoxing free radicals
  • Increasing the numbers of mitochondria in cells; increasing energy and endurance
  • Anti-inflammatory effects, inhibiting histamine, reducing joint, tissue and artery inflammation pain
  • Preventing inflammation caused by fats depositing on arteries; inhibiting blood platelets from aggregation.
  • Reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Lowering glucose levels in individuals with Type II diabetes
  • Anti-cancer effects
  • Preventing bone degeneration,
  • Reducing menopause symptoms
  • Anti-bacteria, anti-fungi, anti-viral effects
  • Reducing neurodegenerative diseases