SNP: Health Benefits

Also available in: Chinese (Simplified)

Many people feel and receive the benefits of “SNP” shortly after taking it. Some examples include:

  • Decreased chronic fatigue, increased energy levels, and sharper brain responses
  • Pains from joint, neck, finger, back, waist, muscle are reduced or diminished
  • Cancer symptoms improved; less side effects from chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • Lowered cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Reduced blood sugar levels; diabetes symptoms improved
  • Quick recovery from cold and flu, allergy symptoms reduced,
  • Reduced PSA, prostate function improved, prostate cancer symptoms improved
  • Chronic pneumonia and bronchitis symptoms improved
  • Decreased levels of having gum diseases
  • Improved skin symptoms, improved psoriasis symptoms
  • Improved erectile dysfunction symptoms, increased sex drive
  • The symptoms of menopause improved